FROM 6.00 – 6.45  


2 COURSE €18.95         3 COURSE €21.95


First course

Soup  - GF  V  
Homemade soup, coeliac + vegetarian friendly, made fresh every day   
(EU Allergens m)

Smoked chicken  - GF
In house smoked chicken breast, tossed greens, roast nuts + apple, curry oil
(EU allergens m,n)

Canarian carrot + coriander strudel  - V  
Grated carrot, mixed cheese, coriander + sesame seeds, crispy filo pastry, lemon dressing
(EU allergens ss, g)

Homemade Rabbit Pie
Brunoised vegetables, redcurrants + chestnuts, red cabbage + gravy
(EU allergens g, n) 


Second course

Chicken “coq au vin”  - GF  
Slow cooked chicken leg in red wine, smoked bacon, button mushrooms,
spring onion mash, chicken gravy                          
(EU Allergens g)

Salmon  - GF 
Pan-fried fillet of atlantic salmon, herb mash, lemon butter
(EU allergens f, n)

Camembert  - V  
Baked creamy French cheese, roast nuts + wild berries, orange puree + tossed salad
(EU Allergens g)

Kristians Beef Burger  (100% sirloin of beef)   - GF
Confit of onions, cheddar cheese, streaky bacon, herb mash,
black peppercorn + brandy cream sauce
(EU allergens g) 



Third course

Hot Fruit Crumble  - V  
Slow stewed fruit, sprinkled with butter crumbs and custard
(EU allergens e, g)

Homemade Meringue  - GF 
Fresh vanilla cream, strawberries and selection of fruit coulis
(EU allergens e)

Fruit + Nut Gratain    - GF
Fresh fruit, berries + roast nuts, torched orange scented sabayon
(EU allergens e, g)



Calle Teide, 8
Old Town, Puerto del Carmen
35510 Tias, Lanzarote

Telephone: +34 657659217


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